What Are Retractable Screens?

Retractable screens are versatile and practical additions to homes and outdoor spaces. These screens are designed to provide insect protection and shade while still allowing airflow and visibility. They offer the convenience of being easily retracted with a touch of a button when not in use, allowing you to enjoy unobstructed views and open spaces. Whether used for windows, doors, patios, pergolas,  or other openings, retractable screens enhance comfort, keep bugs at bay, and create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. Their customizable features, durability, and aesthetics make them a popular choice for those wanting a perfect blend of functionality and style in their living spaces.

How Do Retractable Screens Work?

Retractable screens consist of three main components: the screen itself, the hood, and the track system.

In the image below, you’ll notice the hood at the top of the system, protruding out the farthest. This hood houses both the motor assembly and the rolled-up screen. The screen is attached to the motor assembly by sliding it into a slot, making it easy to replace with another if necessary. We offer a variety of motor types to suit your specific needs, including options for both AC and DC motors. All motors are conveniently operated via a wireless remote, though alternative methods, such as using your mobile phone, are also available.

On each side of the screen, you’ll find the track system. Our track system employs a zipper design, allowing the screen to slide within a slot on the track. This design demands minimal maintenance and offers complete adjustability. Screens can be effortlessly tightened or loosened using the anchor points positioned throughout the track. Simply adjust the screws in to tighten or out to loosen, and it’s as easy as that.

We offer a diverse selection of screens to accommodate various applications, including Bug Screens, Solar Screens, and Vinyl Screens, each with a wide range of fabric choices.

How Are Retractable Screens Installed?

Retractable Screens are installed using the appropriate hardware on your surface. They offer flexibility for installation on various types of openings, each requiring a specific Retractable Screen System. For instance, openings without a suitable mounting location for sidetracks may require a Free Hanging or Wire System. In a typical Retractable Screen System, the hood and sidetracks are either surface or trapped mounted, securely bolted to the surface material. Motor options include wiring into the building’s current circuitry or selecting a DC-powered motor with a rechargeable battery. For more details, please refer to the “Applications” and “Mounting” pages under the “Options” tab.

How Long Do Retractable Screens Typically Last?

We still have Screen Systems out there today that are 10+ years old! If installed correctly, a retractable screen system can easily last over a decade with proper care. Aside from cleaning debris from the track system, retractable screens require little to no maintenance and still offer industry leading reliability.

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