MaestroShield’s retractable screens are designed with versatility in mind, offering a wide range of applications to enhance various outdoor spaces. Whether you have a lanai, pergola, garage door, or porch, our retractable screens provide a seamless solution to transform these areas into comfortable and functional living spaces. With customizable sizing and installation options, our screens seamlessly integrate into different architectural structures, ensuring a perfect fit and enhancing the aesthetics of your outdoor environment.

For lanais and porches, MaestroShield retractable screens create an ideal transition between indoor and outdoor living, allowing you to enjoy fresh air while keeping insects at bay. These screens can be easily operated, either manually or with motorized systems, providing convenient control over ventilation and privacy. In pergola applications, our retractable screens offer protection from sun glare, heat, and unwanted pests, creating a more enjoyable and comfortable outdoor oasis. Additionally, our screens can be adapted to fit garage doors, transforming the space into a versatile workshop, recreational area, or additional living space, while maintaining proper airflow and providing added security. Whatever your outdoor space may be, MaestroShield’s retractable screens offer flexibility and functionality to enhance your overall living experience.


Motorized Screen Options

MaestroShield® offers motorized retractable screens for many outdoor openings ,
including Pergolas! Our motorized retractable screens block out harmful UV rays and stop pesky bugs from getting in and ruining your outdoor experience. All motorized retractable screens are operated with a wireless remote, making your outdoor experience as laid back and stress free as possible. MaestroShield’s retractable screens are highly customizable with several fabrics, motors, mounting styles, and hoods to choose from. Improve the look and feel of your Pergola with MaestroShield’s motorized retractable screens!

Motor Options: At MaestroShield, we pride ourselves over our Swedish-American made motors. We offer an AC Motor option for Pergolas that need to be wired into a power source, or a DC option that has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that does not require wiring. The DC Motor can also be charged using our solar panel add-on!

Hoods and Mounting: Our motorized retractable screens use our 4” Square Hood that can be either surface or trapped mounted. An open bracket system is also available; a hood design where there is no cover over the rolled-up screen. Paired with the 4” Square Hood is an adjustable track system. The adjustable track system allows users to either tighten or loosen the screen along the opening to prevent sagging or ripples in the fabric. Motorized retractable screens can span up to17.5ft wide and 10ft tall.


Quick Zip Option

MaestroShield® offers a Quick Zip System for those who want a simple system with no wiring required. The Quick Zip has an easy-to-use spring-loaded system that is operated by simply pulling down to lock the screen in place! To release the screen, give the screen a quick tug and watch it zip back into the hood. The unit is easy to install and has a compact 3” Hood option. The perfect option for Pergolas that need as much room as possible or do not have a power source. Several fabrics, mounting styles, and hoods to choose from! Upgrade the look and feel of your Pergola with MaestroShield’s Quick Zip Screen System.

Operation: The Quick Zip uses a spring-loaded system that is operated by simply pulling down the screen to lock it in place. To retract the screen, give it a quick tug and the locking system will allow the screen to zip back into the hood.

Hoods and Mounting: MaestroShield offers a variety of mounting and hood options for the Quick Zip Screen System. Choose between a 4” Square Hood or 3” Round Hood for your screen to retract into, with a maximum width and height of 10.5×9 feet. The 4” Square Hood allows for a trapped mount or surface mount installation, while a 3” Round Hood is a trapped mount only.

Garage Door Screen Systems

Garage Doors and Retractable Screens

MaestroShield’s retractable screens offer a versatile and innovative solution for garages, transforming these often underutilized spaces into functional and comfortable environments. With these retractable screens, homeowners can seamlessly transition their garages from storage areas to versatile spaces for various activities. These screen doors not only keep out bugs but also provide natural ventilation and light, creating an inviting atmosphere for hobbies, workouts, or simply enjoying the outdoors while still being sheltered from the elements. MaestroShield’s commitment to quality ensures that these retractable screen doors are durable, easy to operate, and designed to complement the aesthetics of any garage.

Fabrics: You can choose from a variety of fabrics for our garage door screen systems. We offer Solar Screens with 75%-99% UV protection or complete 100% blockout options. Additionally, for bug protection, we have Tuff screens and No-see-um screens available. Available colors are: Black, Grey, Brown, Dark Bronze, Beige, Stucco, and White. Other colors are available upon special request.

Hoods and Mounting: Choose from various hoods, including Angular, Round, or Square options, in our Garage Door Screen Systems. We also offer an Open Bracket System for those who prefer an uncovered rolled-up screen. Paired with these hoods is an adjustable track system, ensuring you can easily tighten or loosen the screen to prevent sagging or fabric ripples. Our systems fit garage heights from 79″ to 103″ and single garage door widths from 99″ to 116″, while double garage doors can range from 187″ to 205″ in width.

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