MaestroShield retractable screens can be mounted on all openings. Our extensive product line includes several designs for fitting our retractable screens on even the most challenging of openings, such as lanais, garage doors, outdoor seating areas, and many more. Our most popular designs include: Trapped, Surface, Recessed, Hanging, and Wired.


Trap mounted retractable screens reside within the opening, meaning the side tracks and hood will be within the opening’s posts and roof. Trap mounting is perfect for when a surface mount just won’t fit, and it perfectly camouflages extrusions.


Show off your screen with our surface mount system! The side tracks and hood are placed on the face of the opening, perfect for openings that are too short or narrow for our trapped mount screen systems.

Bug Screen motorized retractable screen on porch


For homeowners seeking seamless integration of their retractable screen system with the home’s architecture, our recessed systems are the perfect choice. Working in tandem with false walls, users can make their retractable screen’s hood and sidetracks disappear!

Hanging and Wired

Experience the ultimate versatility with our exhilarating range of free-hanging and wire retractable screen systems. Perfect for unconventional openings or spaces without posts, our free-hanging retractable system eliminates the need for sidetracks as it hangs freely from the hood! For stability against gusty winds, our wire retractable screens are securely anchored to the ground and also eliminates the need for sidetracks. Elevate your space with our exciting and professional retractable screen solutions.

Wire Retractable Screens at restaurant on the water

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