What Are Solar Screens?

Solar Screens block out sunlight and heat, serving a dual purpose by enhancing both comfort and aesthetics. Ideal for a variety of openings, they provide a comfortable environment for relaxation, all while ensuring that your loved ones, including pets, stay safely enclosed. What makes Solar Screens even more appealing is their customizability, allowing you to select the perfect fabric type and color to complement your unique style and needs. Discover the perfect balance of function and personalization with Solar Screens.

Overview Of MaestroShield Solar Screens

All of our Solar Screens are part of our Retractable Screen Systems, which are motorized screens that can disappear at the touch of a button! Our Solar Screens provide daytime privacy and energy-saving advantages by blocking up to 90% of the sun’s heat. We offer various types of Solar Screens that fit different aesthetics and a ranging percentage of UV protection.

Solar Screen Types

Solar Screens are categorized by number. The number represents the weight and the tightness of the mesh of the fabric. Ex. a #90 Solar Screen will have a more solid appearance and block out more of the sun than a #80 Solar Screen.


80# Blocks 80% of the sun’s heat, 75% UV protection

90# Blocks 90% of the sun’s heat, 90% UV protection

95# Blocks 95% of the sun’s heat, 95% UV protection

97# Blocks 97% of the sun’s heat, 97% UV protection

99# Blocks 95% of the sun’s heat, 99% UV protection


Our standard colors are black, grey, brown, dark bronze, beige, stucco, and white. In heavier weights, colors available are alpaca, carbon, mocha, sand, chestnut, white/grey, white, charcoal, espresso, granite, tobacco, and many more. Custom colors are available upon request.

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