TuffScreen® No-See-Ums

Looking for a reliable insect screen that’s built to last? TuffScreen No-See-Ums is made from durable mesh and keeps small insects out. Use TuffScreen for your patio, porch and pool enclosure to protect your home and increase daytime privacy.

Colors: Black

Heavy Duty, Complete With No-See-Um Protection

Don’t let relaxing summer days be ruined by the itch or bite of a tiny no-see-um insect. Our tightly woven, strong TuffScreen® material with no-see-um protection was crafted for this very scenario. The tighter the weave, the greater the day and night time privacy and protection. TuffScreen® with No-See-Um is available in multiple widths, even for expanded openings.

TuffScreen® No-See-Um Screening Might Be Right For You If…

  • You live in hot, humid areas where no-see-um insects are rampant during summer, or even year round.
  • You want to protect a window, door, porch, pool or patio enclosure from tiny, annoying bugs. Our TuffScreen® No-See-Um screening is as versatile as you need it to be.
  • You want durable protection from severe weather. TuffScreen® material was designed with harsh winds and rain in mind.
  • You wouldn’t mind a little extra privacy from your neighbors.
  • You have a regular or retractable system as a part of your pool, porch or patio enclosure.
  • You want to protect your purchase. Our screening comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • You care about products that are made in the USA.
Screening Color: Black
Standard Widths 36″ to 132″ (91.4 cm to 335.3 cm)
Standard Roll Length 50′ and 100′ (15.24 m and 30.48 m)
Packaging Individually wrapped in protective paper